The Financial Academy

The financial academy is a network that unites Finance Finland’s (FFI) member organisations and educational institutions. Its aim is to share information and know-how, and increase collaboration in order to better account for changing needs in the sector.

Training for Financial Workers

Finance Work and Competence Committee aims to promote practical-oriented finance training across all education levels from vocational schools through to universities. The aim is to improve the quality of training in general business skills and customer service, as well as to encourage more flexible finance programmes that are tailored to the sector’s needs.

Corporate-Sponsored Projects

During your time in the Finance Academy, you’ll work with experienced professionals to develop your skills and knowledge through coursework, workshops and a real-life finance project. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend industry networking events where you’ll meet with finance executives and learn from their experiences.

Scholarship Contest

The top finishers in each class will be awarded college scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000. The program is made possible through the support of Con Edison.

Employee Financial Wellness Programs

These workplace programs start with employee benefit and health insurance information and then bridge into everyday financial literacy and life skills. The goal is to give people the skills they need to understand their own finances and build a strong foundation of financial responsibility for themselves and their families. The programs are designed to be conversational and use real-world examples. They’re delivered by Denise Winston, a 25-year banker and Guinness World Record financial literacy program creator and presenter.

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