The EB1 Green Card

Navigating the US immigration system can be confusing, time-consuming and overwhelming. Between the dozens of categories of visas and staggering number of requirements it can seem daunting to anyone trying to do it on their own without the help of an experienced attorney.

Who qualifies for EB-1 Green Card?

However, there are several categories of visas available for those seeking to come to the United States to work. One of the most popular is the eb1 green card.

The eb1 green card is a permanent residence visa for individuals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business and athletics. It is designed for those that have “risen to the very top of their field.” There is also a temporary work visa version of this category, called the O-1 visa.

In order to qualify for the EB1 green card, you must provide evidence of “sustained national or international acclaim”. This can include a variety of things, such as having major media coverage of your work, winning a Nobel Prize, receiving a substantial award from an internationally recognized organization or having made significant contributions to your field.

Additionally, the EB1 green card allows you to bypass the PERM labor certification process, which is oftentimes a huge delay in other employment-based categories of green cards. It also allows you to bring your family with you, which can be a big plus for many people. Once the petition is approved, you will go through consular processing at a US embassy or consulate abroad.

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