Spray Foam Insulation in Milwaukee

A well-insulated home keeps you warm during the winter, cool in the summer and lowers energy costs. It also helps you sleep better, and adds value to your property. If your home is not properly insulated, or if the insulation is old and worn out, it may be time to consider an upgrade to spray foam. Our insulation contractors are skilled in utilizing the spray equipment and chemicals involved with this type of insulation to ensure it is applied safely and correctly.

Spraytech Insulators offers one of the highest R-Values per inch, and is very durable – it does not shrink, sag or lose its R-value over time. It fills every crack and crevice, sealing out air leakage that accounts for 40% of all energy loss in homes and commercial buildings. It has also been shown to reduce mold, mildew and pest infestations. Our foam insulation can be blown in between floor joists, around piping and wiring, and is effective in areas where ductwork is located.

Insulating for All Seasons: Spray Foam Solutions in Milwaukee

Having proper basement insulation is important because it can make or break your home’s temperature stability. Our closed cell spray foam will help regulate your basement’s temperature and keep moisture away from the walls and floors, preventing water damage and mold.

Our spray foam insulation also works very well in garages. It will not absorb the odors and moisture that can affect other types of insulation and will prevent ice dams from forming on roofs. These are caused when the heat from your house warms the snow on the roof, melting it and causing it to flow down the overhang, onto eaves and gutters where colder temperatures cause it to freeze and create a dam.

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