Solfire Gardens – Rise Like a Phoenix

Whether you’re an old head or a newcomer to the scene, solfire gardens offers a mixtape of strains that appeal to all. From their popular Hood Candyz line to their Mad Dog, Banana Clipz, Gelly Biscuit, and Shot Caller strains, they’ve curated a collection of potent cultivars that are ready to flourish.

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The Pacific Northwest-based cannabis breeders are making waves with their unique new strains and dedication to the community. Their mantra “Rise Like a Phoenix” encapsulates their belief in the transformative power of cannabis cultivation to empower growers and enthusiasts alike.

Solfire was founded in 2015 by a University of Washington biology student with a passion for pushing the limits of cannabis genetics. Since then, they’ve released a barrage of flavorful cultivars including their Black Banana Cookies (Blackberry Kush & Banana Fire Cookies), Mind Flayer (Blockbuster x OG Kush), Bahama Mama Vol. 1 & 2, Banana Runtz, Why U Gelly, The Don Mega Male and his offspring, and their latest feminized project – the Bahama Mama 2021 drop. Solfire takes pride in more than just providing premium seeds, they also aim to build a close bond with their growers and provide them with ongoing advice. Taking the time to run each of their strains through multiple test crops in different environments, growing styles and conditions allows them to refine their plants further and ensure both consistency and quality.

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