How to Wear a Mens Chain Necklace

A mens chain necklace is a stylish accessory that goes with just about any outfit. Choose from a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials to find the best fit for your personality.

How to Wear a Mens Chain Necklace

When selecting a chain, the most important consideration is what length you’re looking for. A shorter chain can look better on someone with an angular face, while longer chains will suit those with square or heart-shaped faces.

What to Look for in a Chain: Make sure the necklace is made of a quality material and is constructed correctly. This means it should be strong and durable enough to withstand constant use.

Consider the type of metal used in your necklace: silver, gold or stainless steel are popular choices. This is because these metals have a high level of corrosion resistance.

The shape of a chain is also important. Longer and thicker chains will work well with a thinner neckline or collarbone, while short and thin necklaces will suit people with larger bodies.

Styles to Consider:

If you’re looking for a classic, minimalist chain necklace, you’ll want to opt for a twisted or hammered link design. These types of chains are often referred to as wheat or rope chains.

If you’re a more creative guy, a herringbone chain may be a more appropriate choice. These thin, flat chains can be fashioned into a number of different patterns. They can be layered for more texture, or worn alone as a sleek accent piece.

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