How to Rock Gold Statement Jewellery

If done right, gold statement jewellery toes the fine line between glitzy and overbearing. It can elevate simple outfits into bold looks that showcase your personality. It’s the kind of accessory that can make a statement without saying a word, especially when worn with your favourite jeans and t-shirt or over cosy cashmere. Learn more:

From chunky metal jewellery to intricate and colourful accessories, there are a lot of different ways to rock a statement piece. Some are timeless, like a gold chain pendant, while others have an edgy vibe. Popular styles include thick linked jewels in gold, bohemian coin necklaces and large dulled bronze statement earrings fashioned into hammered two-dimensional shapes.

History and Heritage: Gold Statement Jewelry Across Cultures

Jewellery has been a way for men and women to express their style and attitude since ancient times. When you look at the styles worn by Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker, they all wear chunky, oversized pieces that showcase their confidence and fashion style.

We’ve chosen the finest quality ethically sourced, fair-minded diamonds and have set them in reworked recycled 18-karat solid gold to create impactful statement necklaces for you. Every piece is handmade in Antwerp, Belgium – the heart of the world’s jewellery trade and home to some of the most formidable jewellery houses. Your purchase not only supports the people behind your new jewellery but also helps shape a sustainable future for the industry and our planet. Plus, we send your bespoke treasures in recyclable packaging to boot.

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