How to Find a Good Financial Advisor

Financial advisor Ottawa is a person who helps clients make a plan to reach their long-term savings goals. Some also offer advice on estate planning, tips on saving money on taxes and retirement planning help. But anyone in Canada can call themselves a financial planner or advisor, which makes it difficult to determine whether someone has the right qualifications. URL

Many financial advisors in Canada make a living by selling investment products such as mutual funds and stocks, or from charging fees for their planning services. These fees can range from an initial consultation session that may cost nothing to a percentage of your investment returns, which can be as low as one to two per cent annually.

Toronto’s Financial Experts: How to Choose the Right Advisor

At MacAuley Financial, the team is dedicated to their client’s success. Their three-step process starts with a confidential discussion, followed by a detailed action plan and ongoing monitoring of your investments. They will also provide you with regular reports on your portfolio’s performance.

Astrolabe Financial Group is an independent firm that believes everybody deserves access to good financial advice. They are committed to educating the public about financial matters and offer services that are free of conflict of interest. In addition to their regular menu of financial planning services, they also offer consultations geared towards specific life events such as pregnancy or getting laid off. They charge a reasonable fee that is lower than most and are open to unique payment schemes based on the client’s budget.

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