How Much to Live on a Cruise Ship?

How much to live on a cruise ship? Many people dream of living on a cruise ship full time, and while it certainly is possible for some, it’s not without its own unique challenges. It requires serious savings, as well as the ability to keep healthy and safe on a moving vessel. But, is it really worth the effort?

Can you live on the world cruise ship?

We spoke with some seasoned cruisers to find out how much it actually costs to live on a cruise ship. Their answers might surprise you!

Beatrice Muller, known as “Mama Lee”, lived on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth 2 for 14 years. Lee Wachtsetter, aka “Mama Lee”, has been on Crystal Serenity for over 12 years. Morton Jablin, known as “Super Mario”, has been on Royal Caribbean ships for over 20 years.

Most of these folks live in inside cabins and eat mainly at the free restaurants, using their loyalty program perks to get discounted meals. They also try to book as early as possible, to lock in their preferred cabin and dates.

In addition to their cruising costs, these people must pay for long-term health insurance, which is more expensive than a typical policy. And they have to keep up with regular dental visits, as the onboard dentist is limited in what he can do.

Other costs to consider are laundry, drinks and casino spending. Plus, you’ll need to pay for transportation to and from the ship at each port of call, as you can’t just show up and board at will.

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