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If you’re in the glass industry, chances are you work for a small business. These companies are often independently or family owned and may focus on a single niche in the glass industry such as auto glass replacements, residential or commercial glass repair, mirrors, shower doors, or window replacement work. This type of company often has a handful of field employees that can travel to customers’ locations on a regular basis.

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Larger glass company manufacturers tend to employ a few hundred workers at their headquarters and may have multiple locations around the country. These companies are typically departmentalized with a sales/estimating department, production departments, and an administration team. This structure is similar to any other corporate operation and the larger a contract glazier’s company the more specialized these departments will be.

These manufacturers are also well positioned to take advantage of infrastructure spending related to new construction projects. This is especially true for the commercial glass sector where nonresidential construction projects and upgrades to office buildings, hospitals, and government facilities are expected to increase in 2024.

The United States glass industry is home to many renowned and distinguished full-service glass company providers who offer a variety of products and services. These include companies such as Bear Glass, a distinguished manufacturer of a wide array of high-quality glass products and fabrications in Brooklyn, New York, and Dillmeier Glass, a distinguished distributor of top-quality glass products in Garden City Park, New York.

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