Flood Extraction Equipment

flood extraction equipment

Flood extraction equipment can be a devastating event for homeowners and can result in severe damage. It is critical that the water is extracted and that drying and sanitizing is done as soon as possible to help prevent toxic mold growth, which can be very dangerous for people with asthma or other respiratory issues. Using specialized equipment, restorers can pump the water from flooded rooms or crawl spaces to avoid further damages.

A primary piece of flood extraction equipment is the carpet extractor. This machine uses powerful vacuum technology to extract the flooded water and store it in a waste tank. Typically the tank holds up to 10 gallons. After the tank is full, a hose can be attached and the contents drained into a legal drain.

Flood Extraction Equipment You Need in Your Restoration Business

Another option for extraction is the portable flood extractor. These are self-contained machines that have a built-in pump and can be used to quickly extract water from carpeted areas. They work very well when it is difficult to get a truck-mount system close or when the work is several stories up in a building.

Another great option for flooding is the Phoenix Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor with the Vac Pac. This combination provides superior suction than any other restoration tool on the market. It can be run with any standard wand or water claw and can be used for extraction on hard surfaced floors as well. It uses 13 amps for operation and can be hand-carried anywhere in a structure, unlike a truckmount unit which needs to stay outside the structure and loses 1 cfm per foot of hose.

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