About Us

About Us

The W. E .B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan- African Culture, Accra is a national historic monument of Ghana, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. The Final resting place of Dr. W. E. B. and Shirley Graham Du Bois. This major West African tourist site houses the mausoleum, personal library, and museum of the Du Bois’ rich lives as influential American and Pan- African thinkers and activists.

The Centre
The Centre was established in 1985, as a research institution for Pan-African history and culture, and as a crucible for African/Diasporan creativity and promotion of the social, political, cultural, and intellectual legacy of Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois.

PNDC Law 238 of 1990, placed the Centre under the “National Commission on Culture”, which had oversight responsibilities of all institutions responsible for the promotion of Arts and Culture in Ghana.
It was thus given a Museum status under Section II (i) of the National Museums Decree 1969 (NLCD 387) and now operates as an implementing agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Located at the No. 22, 1st Circular road, the Centre is set on a prime compound at the Prestigious Cantonments area, adjacent to the American Embassy in Accra. The compound is made up of three colonial style buildings and open air spaces with shady trees conducive for research and productive interaction.

The mission of the Centre is to “Promote the continued pursuit of self-definition for Africa and the Diaspora and the realization of Human Rights for all people, through research, public education, the arts and constructive dialogue, in the tradition of Du Bois himself”.
In summary, the Centre main job is “To inculcate in Africans the spirit of Pan Africanism and self-consciousness”.

The Centre’s vision is “To become a vital, dynamic Centre which promotes the ideas of Pan Africanism, by demonstrating practical application to today’s social, political, economic and cultural conditions”.
The Centre is currently administered by a Five (5) member Management team headed by an Acting Executive Director.

The Centre has two main Departments;
1. Administration and Finance
2. Programmes, Research and Documentation

The Administration and Finance Department takes care of the day to
day activities of the Centre, whilst the Programmes, Research and Documentation Department plans and implements the Centre’s Programmes, Events, Museum Tour, Research and Documentation.

The Du Bois Centre’s Research library resources, Seminar room, Exhibits, Amphi-threatre and Comference Hall accommodate diverse programmes of lectures, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and artistic performances which are patronized by Ghanaians and International public.
The “Annual Du Bois-Padmore-Nkrumah Lecture” series which brings illustrious speakers from Africa and the Diaspora is most prominent.

Additionally, periodic exhibitions and performances by affiliated artists/ artistes groups are held, as well as the Senior High School programmes through their Pan African Clubs.
The Centre has enjoyed partnership from its mother Ministry, the National Commission on Culture, other Ministries, Departments and Agencies, various African Embassies in Ghana, especially African Embassies, the Diaspora African Forum, Goethe Institute, Nubuke Foundation, British Council as well as some foreign and local Universities.

The Centre’s Facilities include;
Du Bois memorial house serving as (Museum, Research and Public Libraries and souvenir shop)
Marcus Garvey Guests House (Offering economical accommodation for visitors and scholars who require a quiet and serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but conveniently accessible to most places. It is a five room guest facility which can accommodate up to ten guest at a time)
Conference/ Programmes Hall (Two large halls on the ground floor and a small hall on the top floor.)
Open Air Theatre (with shady trees for Outdoor events)

Administration Block.
A spacious Car park takes care of the numerous guests/tourists to the Centre.

In pursuance of the ideals of Pan-Africanism, the Centre would continue to offer productive initiatives among continental Africans, Diasporas and all others who share Africa’s aspirations.
Aside the normal programmes listed above, the Centre will continue to project the memory of this illustrious son of Africa and “Father of Pan-Africanism, to enhance its national and International image, especially to the youth. A nationwide/West African Exhibition Tour, Pan African Youth Festival, and engagement with other Pan African Institutions worldwide among others, are being planned to promote research, networking and finally a complete redevelopment of the Centre. Ultimately, the promotion and sustenance of the continued interest of Ghanaians, Continental Africa and the African Diaspora in the activities of the Centre, as well as the Africanist vision of Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois and Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah are our cherished goals.

The Centre is primarily funded by the Government of Ghana and the Internally Generated Funds (IGF). Government support has dwindle over the years leading to the over reliance on the internally generated funds for its operations. Other sources like grants, donations, and sponsorship, though not regular also sometimes support the Centre’s activities.
The Centre therefore welcomes you/your organization as you embark on supporting us in fulfilling our mission. All donations/Supports would be duly acknowledged.

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