Why You Need a Traffic Lawyer

A traffic ticket can have a major impact on your driving record and finances. While the fines and penalties associated with traffic tickets vary widely depending on the violation, they can include points that can raise your insurance premiums and in some cases lead to license suspension or revocation. An experienced New York traffic attorney can help you understand the consequences of a ticket and fight for a positive outcome in your case.

Traffic lawyers NYC lawyers fight for drivers who are cited or charged with traffic violations throughout the state of New York. They explain their client’s options in terms that are easy to understand, guide them patiently through the process, and work towards a positive outcome. Their expertise and familiarity with judges and prosecutors allows them to build strong arguments in their favor which often results in the tickets being dismissed or reduced.

Navigating NYC Traffic Laws: The Role of a Traffic Lawyer

In New York, when a driver is issued a traffic ticket, they have 15 days to decide whether to plead guilty and pay the fine or to request a hearing. The court will schedule a hearing date at one of the traffic violation hearing centers in your area. During the hearing, it will be just you, the police officer, and the judge who will review your case. It will be your word against the police officer’s, so it is vital to have a lawyer who can highlight any inconsistencies or analyze how speed was calculated.