Tattoos of the British Isles

As one of the most popular tattoo destinations in the world, London tattoo artists opening up shop in the Big Apple. Of course, not all tattoo shops have local presence – you’ll find the best places to get authentic Japanese, koi, floral, and other tattoo styles in London by searching online. Most tattoo enthusiasts agree that Japanese tattoos in London are definitely not a trend, but a classic choice for both locals and ex-pats alike. With plenty of tattoo salons offering expert services in the city, finding a tattoo artist with experience and skill in traditional Japanese methods is easier than ever.

How to Do Tattoos of the British Isles

Traditional Japanese tattooing in Kanae style. The most popular type of Japanese tattooing, which began in the Meiji Period (the beginning of the nineteenth century), focuses on the Japanese culture and art of rice paddy cultivation, building, and calligraphy. This type of artwork depicts water flowers, lanterns, landscapes, and people doing daily activities. At nine-tails tattoo studio in London, every single design is created by hand, crafted by caring, artistic hands, and delivered in true Japanese tradition. The distinctive, vibrant artwork of nine-tails will astound you, and will draw comments and compliments from those who see it. At nine-tails tattoo studio in London, you’ll receive a complimentary consultation to determine if this kind of ink will work well for your skin.

Beautiful Traditional Celtic knotwork. Known as “tribal art,” Celtic tattoos represent the intricate lines, patterns, and knot works that are unique to the island of Ireland. The knot patterns can vary from simple, multi-colored lines to intricate, highly detailed scenes of animals, nature, or scenery. The tattoo art of Trinity College Dublin, founded by Professor William Joyce, has been shown at the Louvre in New York City, and received major praise and awards from national and international art critics. You can find traditional, Celtic tattoos, as well as more contemporary examples of tribal, Celtic, and zodiac artwork by visiting reputable tattoo shops in London, UK, and by searching online.